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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Plug dynamic data to request form controls in Savvion 7.5

If you have your Java code which retrieve the information from third party, but not sure how to plug that dynamic data in to the request form to populate any of your controls on request form, then see below steps which will help you to do that.

1) Right Click on your workstep, and click on 'Open Form' to open the form editor.

2) You need call your java code to get the data. For this Right click on any part of the form area and then select Insert > Code. This will open up the code dialog box.
Note that it should be placed in the form area after your control to which you want to populate the data.

3) Write all your java code(call your class function that retrieves the data).
Your all java code should be inside the scriplet tag(<% %>)

4) Populate your control with the java variable which contains your actual data by using simple DOM elements inside java script tag().

5) Deploy your project and install the template and you are good to go.

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