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Friday, April 22, 2011

Process Status Viewer

Process Status Viewer or 'PSV Flow View' is the feature provided by Savvion to allow users to see the process status in the form of a flowchart.

The header of the chart displays 'TemplateName#Process Instance Id'.
The chart displays the workflow in form of chart the same way you designed through BPM Studio. It shows and differentiate the worksteps that are completed, active or inactive state.

The Workstep is marked as green to indicate that the step is completed. Orange is used to indicate the suspended workstep, Yellow is used to indicate the activated workstep while Gray is for inactive workstep. This way it is very easy to bifurcate the steps active, completed, inactive or suspended.

If you move the cursor on to the workstep, it displays the tip box which shows the Name of the workstep, Staus, Priority, True/False based on if it is Managed, Start Date and End Date of the step.

How to use PSV feature?
1. Login to Savvion BPM Portal with providing your user and password
2. Click to Home > My Instances tab or Management > Overview > Instance (this is accessible if you have the permission)
3. Select the application workflow template name from 'Application' dropdown and click Search button. This will display all the active/complated/suspended instances for that application.
4. Click on the flow diagram icon for any of the instances available which will launct the Process Status Viewer of the particular instance.

SBM 7.5 though have additional features added to the Process Status Viewer. It have Zoom in, Zoom Out and Normal icons to zoom in and zoom out the chart.

The most uncommon feature available is the 'Auto Play'. Auto Play starts the process flow viewer automatically which plays the full instance flow and mark the worksteps with associated colors from the beginning of the flow.

It also has the print button to print the full flow.

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