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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Savvion Business Manager Components

BPM Portal: BPM Portal is the user interface for the application end users. Using BPM Portal, users can create the instances of installed applications, view the pending tasks in their task list and can complete the various tasks of the application.

BPM Portal Management: The management module is used by the managers to generate reports and query the processes.
BPM Portal Administration: The Administration module enables the administrators to change the configuration parameters, install or uninstall the applications and to start/stop the server.

Web Services: It allows the application developers to publish the application as web services.

BizSolo: BizSolo is used to develop web enabled workflow aplications.

BPM Studio: This component is the primary application development tool to create projects, processes and web application in an Eclipse based integrated work environment.

Process Modeler: Process Modeler is the tool to design templates and run simulations of the worksteps.

BizLogic: It is a lightweight and scalable workflow process engine for internet, intranet and extranet.

BizPulse: BizPulse is an event driven rule engine to apply business policies in an application.

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