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Monday, May 9, 2011

Different ways to install templates

There are three ways to install your application that I found.

1) Using BPM Portal
i)  Login to BPM Portal and go to Administration > Applications > BizLogic
ii) Click the check box of the application and press 'Install' or 'Uninstall' the applications.

2) Using BPM Studio
i)Click on the project you need to install.
ii) Click on the menu Project > Deployment or press Ctrl + D which will deploy your template to the server.
iii) This will popup 'Deploy to Server' dialog box. Click on the server to which you need to deploy your application and provide the user name and password which will deploy your application to the server.

3) Using BizLogic Admin commands
Infact there are two ways to deploy your application using BizLogic Admin commands.

1) Use create and then install command
i) Use create command
eg. create MyTestExample.xml
This will load your process into the memory from an external file. It will throw an error if there are any syntax errors in your xml file.
ii) Now user install <process template name> command
eg. install MyTestExample
This will validate your process template and will install it on the server.

2) createAndInstallPt
eg. createandinstallpt MyTestExample.xml
This will validate or create your template and then install the process template in just one command instead of specifying create and install commands separately.

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